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       FESTIVAL & FOOD COMPETITION    October 7th, 2017

New Festival Date Announced 2018

2018 Eat Your Heart Happy Tickets are $10

On sale date to coincide with the announcement of the

2018 Music Performance Lineup!

Frequently Asked Questions


When & Where

Eat Your Heart Happy (EYHH) Date and location will be announced 2018.  10AM-7PM Rain or Shine


Is EYHH a Music Festival or Cook-Off Competition or Arts Festival?

EYHH is a true hybrid of all.  EYHH will have national level performance acts, that in other venues would warrant much higher ticket prices, as well as regional and local acts performers and workshops ALL THE WHILE conducting a wold-class food competition with great cash prizes!  Our Vendor Committee is committed to bringing in arts and sales vendors of the highest quality and enjoyment.


How are you affiliated with The American Heart Association & The Kitchen Community?

EYHH chooses each year Ambassadors that proceeds from that year's event will go to.  We are excited and honored to have The American Heart Association & The Kitchen Community as our 2017 Ambassadors.


What types of tickets will be available?

$10 ticket gets you entrance to the event and access to all music, vendors and workshops


$30 SAMPLER JUDGE ticket gets all that PLUS access to the team competition booths to sample their foods, lobby for them to treat you well for a good score, and be a "Sampler Judge" that will weigh in on their total score for the competition. Ooh yeah...and ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK beverages at EYHH


$50 OFFICIAL CELEBRITY JUDGE ticket gets you a seat to be an official judge for the competition & access to the VIP/Business Mingle Tent.


Is EYHH only for healthy eaters or vegetarians or vegans?

EYHH will have plenty of food vendors and food trucks available for vegan, vegetarian, and meat eating diets alike.   EYHH is designed to appeal to EVERYONE in the community regardless of diet.  While workshops and many of the activities and competition categories are designed to expose, encourage and reinforce healthy eating and lifestyles, we made sure to have non vegan & vegetarian categories as well, like Fish Tacos (no fry) and Turkey Burger, because we know not everyone eats in this manner.  EYHH also ensures that the quality of performers and musicians will be at a level that will appeal to those in the community who would not otherwise be engaged by a healthy eating community event.


Parking & Bicycles & Peer-to-peer driving

Parking is available at no cost.  There is a limited amount of bicycle parking (bring your own bike lock).  There is special drop/pick-up off points close to entrance for Uber/Lyft/Taxi transportation.


Wheelchair Accessible

EYHH is wheelchair accessible as the Live Garden at the Memphis Botanic Garden is.


Are pets allowed at EYHH?

While the producers of EYHH love animals and pets, Pets are not allowed. Service animals that are trained to assist an individual with a disability are allowed on the grounds of Tom Lee Park provided the animal does not pose a danger or threat to other service animals or patrons. Owners of service animals are responsible for the animal’s personal care. For entry into the events with a service animal, please bring your certificate and place the service animal in the appropriate vest to identify the animal. Service animals must be under the control of their owners at all times and must be on a leash at all times.


So this is a cooking competition, right?  Will be able to eat food at EYHH?

There is the SAMPLER JUDGE TICKET available that allows you to cruise the competition booths judging and eating their foods.


There are also food vendors and trucks on-site with specialized menus to coincide with the Heart Happy ideals.


Can I be  a vendor?

please click here for more info


1st Aid

There is 1st aid on-site


Where can I find Lost & Found?

There is a lost and found.  Please email us at or call us 901.654.7709 to see if we can locate your lost item


What happens if it rains?

EYHH is a Rain or Shine event.  Performances may be delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather.  All ticket sales are final and unfortunately EYHH is unable to issue refunds.


Do children get in free?

Children under the age of 12 get in free


What can I bring into the Festival?

Small Bags or Backpacks


Lawn Chairs

Small Umbrellas



All bags will be subject to inspection


You will not be let onto festival site with:

Any Firearm


Outside Food or Beverages


Professional Cameras with detachable lenses

Video Cameras

Laser Pointers





Illegal Substances




Oversized umbrellas


Recording Equipment

Roller Blades

Roller Skates

Water Guns







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