FESTIVAL & FOOD COMPETITION    October 7th, 2017

Arts/Craft Vendors

New Festival Date Announced 2018

Arts/Crafts Vendor Application

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email application photos or additional questions to info@eatyourhearthappy.com

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Application Process: Applications from vendors must be accompanied by three photos (two (2) close-ups of your work and one (1) of your display). All work must be hand crafted and that of the applicant. Commercial products are only accepted on case by case basis and buy-sell merchandise is limited to no greater than 10% of your total inventory. Vendors found to have majority buy-sell merchandise will be asked to remove the merchandise from the booth or may be asked to leave the festival at the end of that day, and will be disqualified from next year’s festival.


Application Deadline: Application Deadline is DATE TBA, 2018. Booth priority will be based on when the application is received.


Selection Process: The jury committee reserves the right to accept or reject entrants on the basis of the photos of merchandise submitted.


Fees: The fee for a 10 x 10 single space is $200.00 and a 10 x 20 double space is $375.00.


Prizes: A panel of judges will anonymously observe exhibitor displays on Saturday. Prizes will be awarded based on display/merchandise appearance, creativity and content. 1st prize will be $250.00; 2nd Prize will be $100.00; 3rd Prize is $50.00.


No refunds will be issued.


Space Assignments: All spaces are located on grass. While the Festival Committee makes every effort to ensure space assignments, space assignments cannot be guaranteed. The EYHH Festival Committee reserves the right to modify space assignments as may be required. All spaces are vehicle accessible for setup which you may begin after 3:00 PM on Friday, DATE TBA until 7:00 PM or then after 7:00 AM on Saturday, DATE TBA.  You WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on Festival site after 7:00 PM on Friday, DATE TBA until 7:00 AM Saturday, so please make sure you booth is taken care of case of overnight weather.  We will have security on the premises, but Eat Your Heart Happy nor the security company is responsible for your booth or contents within.  We suggest setting up your tent, tables, and racks the day before, and bringing your content on Saturday.  Set up needs to be completed by 11 AM on Saturday, DATE TBA.


Space Amenities: Vendors are responsible for their own tents, tables and displays. If you would like a 10x10 tent or 10x20 tent one will be provided and set up for you for cost of $150.00 or $250.00, respectively.  Please do not leave behind any garbage or refuse at your booth. At the end of EYHH please bring your rubbish to the Festival dumpsters.  Electricity can be provided for a fee of $30 per 10x10 space.


Vendor Parking: There is not a designated parking lot for Vendors. Handicapped vendor parking can be provided upon request.  The parking lot has no charge and will accommodate all craft vendors as well as Festival attendees.  We suggest arriving early and getting unloaded and set up early to ensure close parking.


Other Information: 1) All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and reporting Tennessee State and Local Sales Tax, currently 9.25%. 2) There are no rain dates in case of inclement weather.



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